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5 Lesson Bible study

No one is or just becomes a good communicator without intentionality and practice. As Christians, our first resource is what the Word of God says about how to glorify Him in how we talk and relate to one another.

What better way to learn and put these skills into practice than by starting a Communication Matters Bible Study? Talk to your senior pastor, Christian Education/Discipleship, Women’s or Men’s ministry leader about adopting this 5 Lesson Bible study today.  Or, grab a group of your family or friends and start your own small group. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Be clear about your outcome. 
Whether church leaders, choir members, husbands and wives, parents and children, or co-workers, there are no relationships that can happen without communication. Everyone can benefit from developing Biblically-centered habits of communication.  Group study allows people to apply the wisdom of scripture to their lives and to support each other.  Identify both individual and group goals you would like to accomplish.

Decide which resources you will use.  Communication Matters: A Biblical Study to Speaking Life Into Your Relationships is a 5-Lesson Bible study.  It can be used by itself, but ideally, it goes with the devotional Communication Matters: 31 Days to Speaking Life Into Your https://masterra.com/ Relationships. The Scriptures referenced in the bible study and the weekly lesson themes correspond with the devotional.  To get the most of Communication Matters, use the devotional in your private, quiet time and the bible study with the group.

Settle housekeeping matters. Create a schedule. Where and when will we meet? Who provides refreshments (if any)?  How long will the meetings be? (It’s a good idea to agree to end the meeting on time.)

Agree on leadership. 
Someone needs to facilitate meetings—making sure the group stays on track and to the agreed time. This person can also be the point person for all communication.  Also, agree on how the discussions will be facilitated.  Will there be one facilitator? Will this responsibility rotate? The discussion facilitator need not be an expert, but they should have read and prepared the lesson to help guide the discussion.

Put God at the center. 
Scripture is the word of God. Approach your readings and discussions prayerfully. Listen for God’s word for you.

Post updates on your group progress. Consider posting a group photo of your group.  Throughout the study, post a weekly highlight—a nugget that you or your group got out of the study.  When you are finished, tell us how the study impacted you.