I Speak Life! is a biblically-based teaching ministry that equips people to communicate in a way that glorifies God. A hallmark of spiritual maturity is our ability to get along with others. How well we communicate is a manifestation of our spiritual maturity, or lack thereof. The words we speak are powerful! Yet, our communication frequently falls short. We seek to be understood more than we listen. We fight to win and unfairly. We believe our way is the only way. Consequently, our ablity to mature as disciples of Christ is diminished, impacting our relationships with family members, co-workers, church family members, and others.

I Speak Life! provides workshops–including strategic ways to communicate in church, professional environments, and family settings. Each class contains elements of assimilating biblical teachings with practical application exercises. Also, included are leadership development training and visitor experiences to help them successfully overcome their greatest communication challenges. Dr. Shauntae White is a skilled communication expert who can train your staff to become more effective communicators through Christian-based curriculum. Our clients include churches, non-profit organizations, higher education as well as marketplace companies and leaders around the country.